“Macera tehlikeli sanıyorsan, rutini dene; öldürücüdür.”
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Danismanlik gorevleri; isdanismani, sirket danismani, aile danismani, basdanisman vb. 

iletisim gorevleri, ilham verici kamusal konusma vb. cevirmenlik. 

Bu gorevleri ifa ederken; danimarkaca, ingilizce, arapca ve turkceye hakim olmasindan faydalanarak degisik basarilara imza atmistir. 

emir degirmenci 1998 den beri uluslararasi capta 100 den fazla ilham verici kamusal konusmalar yapti. 

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TEMALAR, DEGISIK ALANLARDA: Sosyolojik ,tarihi, felsefe, siyasal bilimler, psikoloji, kisisel gelisim gibi alanlarda oldu. 

konusmalarinin amaclari herzaman: insanlari hayatta insiyatif almak, bireyleri cesaretlendirmek, fertlere kendilerini ve dunyayi daha iyi bir duzeye donusturmek ve degistirmek icin ilham vermek, 




Here you can read some of my customers testimonials:

Emir is a highly reflective and knowledgeable man while he was employed, making a great effort to make the event work and solve the tasks he was asked. Emir is also very observant when he works, resulting in precise and detailed descriptions of the efforts he has made.

The citizen, which Emir was employed to help could be a little threatening in his behavior, this did not affect Emir in his efforts, likewise Emir participated in meetings with both Police and Municipal Authorities.

I hereby give Emir my recommendations in posts where his competencies may apply and make me available for the purpose of elaborating this opinion.

Yours sincerly,

Department manager

Henrik Christensen


I have had the pleasure of meeting Emir in Rødovre Jobcenter, where he has served as an intermediary and sparring partner in relation to the vacancy.

Emir is a good colleague and is through his large network capable of solving the task in a friendly and accommodating way.

Emir has a great human insight and empathetic ability, which he uses very purposefully in terms of working efficiently and generates really good results. He is extremely honest and loyal as an employee and colleague.

I would recommend him at any time, where equal humanity is needed, an overview of the task’s complexity and an eye for detail and good results.

Adisa Mujezinovic

Business and integration consultant at Rødovre Municipality

Dear Emir,

If I’m asked by one of your future partners or employers, if I would like to give a reference, I would be happy to do that.

I would like to say a few words based on DEKRA’s 5 values

Customer Focus:

  • You are eminent to focus on the customer and it is clear that you get your energy working with and for customers. The solution delivered must have an effect – and they will get that with you as the project manager. You have created a lot of good results for both customers and us. It is a pleasure to have partners, which I with full confidence can pass on the customer baton to. You have a great understanding of our customers’ different cultural backgrounds, which has opened some new doors for us.


  • Even if you spend more than 90% of the time with your customers, you have a strong team spirit and have always been one good ambassador for DEKRA – I’m sure you will also be in the future. You have always been ready to give a hand with:


  • In DEKRA, we dare to dare – and challenge the status quo. That’s what characterizes your approach. You are proactiveand love to go new ways. You see opportunities others do not see – and you always deliver


  • You must be able to rely on DEKRA. And I trust you Emir – and have great faith in you. I’ve had that from the firstOnce I met you where you created a lot of contacts in Helsingør.

Quality & Safety:

  • Quality is important to you – also from the support base – so what you promise customers are also what you delivered to them. In this context you are especially good to the following: to focus and correct things that may require it.

Dear Emir – I hope our roads meet many times ahead and I wish you and your family

The best of luck.

Yours sincerely

CEO Peter Laursen

DEKRA Denmark

Emir Degirmenci:

… First and foremost, he assisted in the planning of the 17th Nordic Migration Research Conference, held at the University of Copenhagen in August 2014.

In addition, he made interviews for a study on divorces in ethnic minority families, assisted in gathering data for a study of Turkish ages in Denmark and performed various outstanding tasks.

Emir repeatedly demonstrated the value of his two-cultural background: He speaks fluent Turkish, which, for example, enabled him to speak with Turkish elderly who participated in municipal health events.

In addition, he also assisted in contacting and interviewing divorced ethnic minority men – a group we otherwise had quite difficulty talking, but Emir’s background and broad network helped us.

Also in connection with preparations for the Nordic Migration Research Conference, Emir was very helpful. The conference had more than 200 participants, and Emir was responsible for, for example, keeping track of submitted abstracts, communicating with workshop leaders in several countries, and taking care of various practical tasks.

It was thus the Emir, who – through his network – found the place where we held our conference dinner: In keeping with the conference theme, we chose not to hold it in a traditional restaurant but had a special event in a Turkish “dügün salonu” – a wedding hall . The event was a great success.

Yours sincerly

Anika Liversage

Senior researcher – SFI the danish national research center for welfare.


Emir is an incredible knowledgeable person. If he has not already answered your question, he goes a long way to get it. His passion and dedication to helping others and helping make a difference is great.

Pernille Feather

Consultant in Copenhagen Municipality

As a social worker, I was impressed with Emir’s passion and his entire approach to employment and integration. He is not only able to motivate the citizens in relevant work, -If I have been inspired by him and the rest of the staff / team.

In MINDSHIFT you feel like teamplayer you will be included in the team and you will listen to one’s suggestions and ideas. I already discovered this on the day when we in the office had a meaningful brainstorming and where everyone participated actively. It was nice that you get the desired result together.

Thanks to Emir and the rest of the staff at MINDSHIFT because they have taken good care of me every single day.

Yours sincerly

Fatiha Saidi

Social adviser and employee at Mindshift

Emir Degirmenci was my coach and consultant.

He met me without prejudice and without a judging attitude. 

During the whole course, I felt that the coach talked to me and not to me. I quickly developed a strong trust band for my coach and I felt that the coach had lost 100% of my career.

 The coach has been incredibly adept at breaking down my job search problems into more manageable and easily digestible parts.

 The surplus I gained when I went from mindshift is something I will always take with me in the future. I had nothing to lose when I went to mind shift when I went out I had everything to win …….

 My self-confidence, overview and gait have become significantly stronger after my meeting with mind shift.

Mindshift has been very good at identifying and acknowledging the vulnerability you are in as an unemployed lawyer, the process has made me more successful in job search than ever before ……

My workplace today did not really need a lawyer and they never had a promotion online or looked like i told my boss that her company needed me and that I could be constructively part of the solution to the company’s problems .

I can clearly remember that my manager / manager was totally surprised how much I had put into her business and how I presented completely concrete solutions for her work. I have never ever thought that you could get a job by “pointing at a company’s mistake” as well as presenting yourself as part of the solution. This “cheekiness” I have learned from mind shift.

I know that I will certainly use memory shift again, not because I need to get better looking for work, but because I’ve learned to use mind shift as a base to develop and strengthen my thoughts, confidence and leadership skills.

I have been really pleased with my cooperation with mind shift and I have recommended mind shift to my friends and acquaintances.

I have been surprised by the seriousness of Mindshift’s side of, their dedication and england has infected me.

Yours sincerly


Adam Sørensen

We appreciate Emir’s work and consistently high levels, while our customers and their citizens appreciate

Emir’s understanding and empathy. Emir is doing well in Danish, Turkish and Arabic. Both linguistic and cultural.

Emir’s task for us has included comunal instances, legal and legal duties, as well as interpretations of the state administration.

I give Emir my best recommendations on the way. I’m sure he’s going to be an asset along the way.

Yours sincerly

Jesper Harder Søndergaard.

CEO Tolkegruppen / Translator Group

Emir is a well-liked interpreter among our customers, he is stable, flexible and shows great respect for his job.

Emir, in its work as an interpreter, has performed interpretations at doctors, hospitals, psychiatry and municipal institutions.

Emir has high professional competence. Emir master both Turkish and Arabic at a high level.

Emir captures the small shades in the languages.

He is like a state-authorized interpreter.

Anka Lalatovic


Social Medical Interpreting Service A/S

To whom it may concern

Emir Degirmenci has been a specialist at Vioss Videnscenter for Eating Disorders and Self-harm from March to December 2013.

Emir’s work has primarily consisted of preparing articles for vioss website based on research articles.

He has therefore written summaries of scientific articles from, for example, the International Journal of Eating Disorders, as well as major reports from, for example, SFI and KORA. In addition, the Emir has conducted a sociological analysis of causes and contexts about eating disorders.

Emir has gone to any task with extreme commitment to his work and I give Emir my warmest recommendations.

If there is any doubt about this recommendation or need a reference, the undersigned may be available on telephone +45 35 20 04 46 or mail


Mia Falconer Head of the docx knowledge center



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